✘ not fitting the mold ✘

✘ not fitting the mold ✘

i am a person who doesn’t fit the mold. a wild child, some say. rebel, the others.

fuck the rules, i say.

following the rules has never been something i’ve wanted to do. being strong-willed and “different” has definitely been a journey. i just don’t see the point in wasting my time trying to be this person i am not. i can’t imagine being on my death bed and realizing i lived a life according to others’ wishes.

there is pressure everywhere to be a specific type of person everywhere we go. even in this realm of blogging, there is a “standard”. i, clearly, do not fit the typical mold. from cursing to now capitalizing letters. from being a cannabis supporter to having unpopular opinions.

for a second, i thought i should try to fit the mold until i got to a place where i felt comfortable in being myself. then i thought to myself, bitch! you already are comfortable with yourself! BE YOU AND BE LOUD ABOUT IT.

i don’t fit the mold, anywhere. i don’t want to fit the mold. i want to be me and revel in it. i have no idea where that will take me but i know i’m going to kill shit wherever it does!



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