✘ what is creativity worth to you ✘

what is creativity worth to you?

there is a chance that you haven’t even given thought to this until now. we live in a world where instant gratification dominates. we live in a world where “creativity” is measured by follower counts. but even then so, we live in a world where, to most, creativity is not worth much. as someone who loves to create, this breaks my heart to see.

why is it so difficult to appreciate and support creativity?

i have a few theories as to why supporting creativity is so difficult. in the end, it all boils down to cognitive dissonance. we pretend we love creativity but we don’t. we abuse it. we use it. we are trapped in this world of the free and the cheap. we equate free and cheap to good (in many things).

look at twitter and instagram.

twitter and instagram have given people PHENOMENAL opportunities. from going on ellen, to becoming a millionaire, to landed a modeling contract, to get a record deal. dream opportunities that have now become realities because of an phone application. on the another side of things, twitter and instagram have produced laughs and connections like never seen before! despite all of these opportunities, memories and all of the immense work that goes into running top caliber apps such as instagram or twitter, the majority would run if asked to pay $.99 a month. we want the greatness but we want it for free.

that’s fucked, straight up.

we are given these amazing platforms. we are given voices through these platforms. but we do not support these platforms. not really.

now, of course, these apps are getting money from other sources such as advertising but that’s besides the point. if you love and support something, why do you cringe at the thought of putting up 99 cents to show that?

let’s turn this over to your favorite social media artists/musicians/models/etc

we will click follow on our favorite creative’s account but we won’t buy what they produce. i completely understand that money is a factor but somehow the bulk of us still manage to spend almost daily on fleeting items. let’s be real about that. a great example, last year i found myself buying the same shitty pair of jeans from H&M at $15 each purchase totaling to something near $75 when i could’ve bought one quality pair for $60.

we see cheap or free, and we want it without thought. as donald trump would say, sad.

if i had $75 to just blow, i could have spent $60 on a great pair of jeans and $15 buying art prints.

an artist for example can spend $15 on a 8×10 canvas 10 pack, $12 per 8.45 oz Liquitex Acrylic Paint Tube, and brush costs vary greatly so let’s just say $15 on a Windsor & Newton Series 7 Brush. let’s say the artist will be making a piece featuring 7 colors on one canvas using just that one brush. the art itself totals to about $100 in this scenario.

now the artist will take photos of this piece and sell it online for just $10. the materials cost $100 and let’s not even try to put a value on their creativity but let’s put a cost on their time. let’s say this piece took 4 hours to make. let’s also say it is $25 per hour. that is another $100 you can add on to this piece.

$200 worth of work (not adding a value for their creativity) and sharing it with the world for $10. that’s a damn gift! are you kidding? not to mention, many of these artists have sales! a $200 art piece for $5. why is this so hard to support? how much is creativity worth to you?

i scrolled through various creative accounts on twitter and instagram. artists, musicians, designers, everything and i’ve seen a troubling trend.

  • a tweet that says “New prints are up for $10. Thank you for your love and support” with a beautiful photo of the print
    • stats // 24 retweets, 40 likes, 0 comments.
  • a tweet of something unrelating
    • stats // 96 retweets, 115 likes, 25 comments

babe….this is fucked.

one account, i saw a tweet showcasing their art with a bunch of engagement, but the minute they posted their art with a sale price next to it, literal silence. why are we having such a hard time supporting what we love? even 96 retweets on that top tweet would’ve been nice. if you can’t support a creative you love by buying what they have to offer, help them get the word out!

i see this a lot with musicians. for the most part, they just want people to listen. “check out my soundcloud or youtube”. the engagement on these tweets vs the engagement on “regular tweets” sucks, point blank. we will retweet their funny tweets all day long but show support and help them get their music out there? maybe later.

what is creativity worth to you?

now, i know that there are people who truly do support. i know there are people who buy these art pieces. i know there are people who share these songs. i know there are people who do what they can. nothing can negate that. however, this does not negate the fact that there is some sort of issue with many when it does come to showing actual support. for whatever reason, we become silent when it’s time to put our money (or retweet/comment) where our mouth is.

so what do we do?

it’s really simple. be supportive and be loud about it! don’t ask why something is “so expensive”. if you can, go buy some art prints, download some songs on itunes, play some songs on spotify, buy from up and coming designers, and so on. (you can easily search $10 prints on twitter and find great artists!) what everyone can do is share, share, share. go retweet these creative works. if you love the work, give a comment and let them know! all it takes is that one retweet (or repost on instagram) to make something go viral.

let’s start genuinely celebrating creativity again.

what is creativity worth to you?

art work above

lucy ford //





celestial haven – vanecia ruiz //











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