✘ changing flows ✘



life is so wild! in the worst ways and in the best. i’m on an edge. with every second that passes, i am much closer to leaping off. the question is how will i leap.

how will i leap so that i may fly?

i was carrying a lot on my shoulders and i knew that carrying it all would cause me to fall. it was too heavy. i had this internal struggle but then i realized, i had to change perspectives. i had to change my flow.

carrying this large weight caused me to grow tired. this, in turn, affected the rest of me. this began to affect my vision. i could not see all of the options and roads that rested before. the routes i did see where dark and dreary. after i let go and allowed the flow of my existence to merge with the constantly changing flow of life, i saw all of the options and all of their beauty.

i am still on an edge and this leap is ever so imminent but now i see what also lies ahead, another mountain to explore. i can fly to the mountain carrying one item at a time or i can try to carry it all and fall. the former sounds much more appealing despite the fact that it may take longer.



it is important that we know when to change flows. life is constantly changing. life is beautiful chaos. many of us get trapped because we resist the disarray nature of it all. you can still have order in the chaos.

flow with the stream and you’ll find yourself where you wanted to be

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