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(n) : the bad breed

nogüd is a visionary from miami who loves to create and defy boundaries. serves as an online space for creative release. explore and dive into her world.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness;

- John Keats

  • • Crystal Clear • - There is so much going on in the world right now. Truthfully, there has always been a lot going on, however, now more than ever are these experiences documented and shared for the whole world to see. - This does not negate what is currently going on though, nor does this negate the attention being brought to these experiences - The atrocities committed recently have me thinking about the quote, “If you see something, say something”. Many, if not all, of these perpetrators fester online. The congregate in forums and servers and even share their viewpoints publicly. We all have seen this. - What do we do then? - It is in those moments where we must be absolutely clear about our truths. There is no room for murkiness. There is no room for pleasantries. When someone shares a viewpoint, regardless of the severity, that has a murderous track record, it is imperative that you speak against. - Your “boy” that consistently talks about women in a degrading way, you have to check him or you are complicit. Your “friend” that consistently “jokes” about immigrants, you have to check him or you are complicit. - Nip that shit at the bud. - Stop that line of thought before it progresses. - Do everything that you can - I’ve recently been in a situation where I decided to speak up regarding “questionable” actions. After a while, I wondered if I should have said anything. “Was a bringing the vibe down?”, “Is this drama?” - but at the end of the day, I spoke up because I was concerned. I spoke up because the idealogy has a track record. I spoke up because I was not going to be complicit in allowing anyone I’m communicating with to share dangerous thoughts without saying something. - Now, more than ever, it is important that we are crystal fucking clear regarding what we believe in.
  • ROSE COLORED GLASSES - They say "one looks through rose colored glasses" but with a negative connotation. - What is so wrong with that? - What is so wrong with looking at life through the eyes of excitement and wonder? - It may have brought you contentment to live in apathy. - But I’m not looking to be just "content", regardless of how noble that may seem. - Viewing life through these rose colored glasses has filled me with wonder and passion and we’re just at the beginning.
  • Il vaut mieux faire que dire • Doing is better than saying
  • Jimi. Michael. Bowie. Amy. Janis. Jagger. - The list goes on and on - Humans who have created legacies through their actions and creation. - What is your legend? - What mark will you be leaving behind? - This is something I think about often. What will I leave behind?
  • • don’t forget to water yourself dear •
  • THE HOLY GRAIL - How do you treat your cup? - Is it full? Half full? Half empty? Is it covered in rust or dust? Do you even know where it is? - This "cup" I speak of is the metaphorical one that holds your fire. The one that fuels your passion. - There is so much that goes on in our daily lives. This adds on as we get older. Work, bills, taxes, social lives, and what have you. As time goes on, we may give ourselves little time for our passions. We might even go as far as to tell ourselves that we have "outgrown" our passions. If that is truly the case, what is your new passion? - Right. - Who the fuck wants to live a life without passion? - Life is so drab without passion. It becomes so monotonous and tiring. We go to sleep and wake up so drained despite resting for 7 long hours. "It is not that you’re doing too much. It’s that you are doing too little of what fuels you". Think about that. - When is the last time you thought about your passion, whatever it may be? When is the last time you engaged in that passion? When is the last time you immersed yourself in activity that filled you with butterflies for seemingly no reason? When’s the last time you engaged in something for hours but had it feel like just minutes? When’s the last time you fueled your fire? - Find that cup again, dust it off, clean it and fill it up. You don’t have to live a life without passion, unless that’s what you choose.
  • STRANGER IN THE MIRROR - When’s the last time you had a conversation with yourself? - Do you recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror? - It is so important that we take the time to know and understand ourselves. In a world filled with so many suggestions and distractions, we can easily lose sight of ourselves. After a while, we will have no idea who appears in their reflection. - You hold a lot of the answers that you seek. Whether it be about your spiritual practices or your career choices. - Take some time to sit, shut the fuck up and listen to what you, true you, has to say. - Get to know the bad ass in the mirror.
  • “FUCK YOUR EXCUSES” - The pity party must end. - Life can be difficult at times but at the end of the day, life will continue. - Thinking back to the times where I achieved what I wanted and comparing those times with the times that I didn’t achieve what I wanted, the difference between the two was grossly obvious. - The times where I achieved my goals, I focused on the ONE reason why I could achieve them. The times where I did not achieve my goals, I was focused on any and every reason as to why I could NOT achieve them. - There will always be an excuse as long as your looking for one. I realize this now. - Fuck your excuses and immerse yourself in things you love and in the things you want to achieve.
  • • What are you truly so afraid of? •
  • GROWTH - “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease at death” - Albert Einstein - There is so much to learn and experience in this world. We tend to become so rigid in our ways. We think once we’ve reached a certain age, it is time to settle. - I’m not talking about in relationships but in growth. All of a sudden we are “too old”. All of a sudden we are “not young anymore”. - With a mindset like that, is it any wonder why life becomes so stagnant and redundant? - Growth never ends. Opportunities never end. Just because we decide that we are no longer able does not mean that our true circumstances stand in accordance.
  • C H A P T E R X I V - It’s quite interesting. - The ebbs and flows we experience in this life. - A plethora of distractions and noise fill our spaces from the day we are born. - We all seem to be searching for something whether it be money, love, a divine connection, or even success. - I, too, am searching, searching for many things but my current position in life prompts me to search for myself. - To be more clear, I am crafting a window through which I can express myself to the fullest. - You see, I lost sight of myself long ago. I misplaced my voice, my passions, my drive, my fortitude, all of that which made me, me. I always felt that I was destined to do great things since a very young age. I saw the world through eyes of gold and splendor. Little by little, I let things penetrate and corrode my space. These tunes of what I should be and what I can’t be were left on repeat in my psychological playlist. It became tiring, trying to keep your fire lit whilst others were trying to blow it out. - Without even realizing it, my fire was extinguished. I simply wasn’t the same. I would make attempts to reignite the flame only for a breathe to blow it out. Each time hurting more than prior. I wouldn’t acknowledge that my flame was out for the longest. To me, this would mean admitting failing and I am no failure. This denial continued to set me back. - Recent experiences, however, have changed these deprecating perspectives. I fell. I fell hard. My fire was extinguished but not quite in the way that I originally envisioned. The fire extinguished because I was completely burned. - but - Like a phoenix, I will rise again.